ALFAT F40 chips / replacement

Now that it’s been discontinued, what options are there for obtaining <100 pcs of the ALFAT F40 (ALF2X-SC-512) chips at a reasonable price for product maintenance? I have received a quote from Ann Marie Deych which basically doubled the original price and requires 100pc minimum. We are a small company and cannot afford to put out $3K US for excess chips when we only need 30 or 40. I don’t understand why the price is so high and why the minimum quantity is so high.

Are there any other current options to replace the ALFAT F40? Is a copy of the ALFAT F40 bootloader available for to just program our own chips?



Welcome to the forum Mark.

I’m not affiliated with GHI. But why the prices are high is because people no longer stock them - GHI or anyone. This is the same for any commercial product, not GHI specific. GHI would need to buy a MOQ of the raw components necessary to produce these. They would need to do a special run to create them. They would need to do a special run of packaging them to you. As a small business I am sure you understand that there’s a minimum total cost for doing a job. With a high number of parts to divide that total cost by, you get the per-unit price down (that’s what “volume” does, right?) Now, with a smaller number of parts to sell to you, sure, GHI could offer you a lower MOQ - but the total cost to them is still going to be the same, and they will have the remainder of the MOQ they had to buy sitting on the shelves, costing them money. So either way, you’re going to pay the same total price, unless they think they have some reason for putting another 50+ units on their shelves (doubtful - that’s why they’re discontinued!) as GHI has costs too. So as much as I feel for your situation, I can only suggest you’re going to have to make a call some where in your product’s lifetime what replacement parts you’re going to use - and for your ALFAT, that might be now.

@xancom1 First, welcome to the forum.

The reason we push for you to buy more is that the price will keep going up on any discontinued product. It is a LOT cheaper for you to buy the extra 50 chips today and not pay 4x the price in the future.

Still, MOQ 100pc is not a lot. I wish we can buy discontinued parts at MOQ. We usually buy 1000 in best case and most cases 5000!!! And 100 pcs is really not a lot for a business typically.

We hope you understand.

Thanks for your reply Gus and I understand that you probably deal with much larger quantities if you usually sell through distribution which is where I previously purchased parts.
But all I need is 50pcs period for my product lifetime. I won’t need any more so the extra 50 pcs are wasted money.
And the 32F205 processors are not discontinued and less than $10 in quantity 1. Yes, I understand you have overhead too, but I can’t see it costing $20/part to program them.

I hope you understand.

The price will be higher for 50 and will be higher in the future. I personally think it is a mistake to buy 50 now but if you really want that then talk to Ann Marie to give you the higher price for 50pcs.

This is a technical discussion forum, not fpr pricing anyways. So please continue to work with our team on your needs.

Yes, I will be following up with her when she’s back in the office.

On the technical side, I was also asking if there was any updated/current replacement parts that implement a stand alone SDcard/USB file system with serial Tx/Rx or SPI microcontroller command interface?

What current GHI products offer this functionality?


We have chips that you can program to do EVERYTHING including file system. Those are a lot better. They are programmed in C#

And those come with 10 year grantee… You do not have to change for the next 10 years

Hello. We need 200 of the ALF2X-SC-512. Any chance they are available? Last time buy?

Yes available. Please email/call us directly please.