µALFAT : !07 !05 and !13 return code to "I" command with some SD cards


I’m using µALFAT chip for a few years now on one of our device, and I have a problem I hope you’ll be able to solve.

We received recently a bunch of SD cards (sandisk 4GB, class 4), and we noticed that our device was unable to use it, while the Kingston 4GB we are used to use were working perfectly.

I checked in our microcontroller software what kind of error the µALFAT was returning, and it appears that when sending the “I” command, the response was first “!07”, and when trying again and again “!05”, then “!13”, and “!05” “!05”.

The datasheet specifies that these error codes were not supposed to appear and that I should contact GHI.

µALFAT firmware is 3.13 (by the way, is there a more recent one ? The latest firmware version isn’t written on the website)

Thank you for your concern,