ALF2X-SC-512) Errors cannot be detected

Is there any way to detect errors when accessing a corrupted file on ALF2X-SC-512? Currently, even when connecting the SD card that is inaccessible on the PC due to file corruption, it responds with ‘!00’ and errors cannot be detected.

Maybe try to create files/folders and then try to access them. Then delete when done.

More that this products is no longer supported and has not been for many years. We can still help you under our paid consulting services. Please let us know if interested.

I tried creating and accessing files on an SD card, which was successful (it returned “!00”). And, when I copied files to a USB flash drive, it copied a file with corrupted filenames. This file cannot be read or deleted on a PC. As mentioned earlier, the PC cannot detect the contents of the SD card. Is it difficult to detect the presence of damaged files as in this case? Thank you.

I am not sure why the chip works fine but the PC does not.

Can you read the content of the bad file by ALF2?

Thank you. I will give that method a try.