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I had a bit more time today to play again with the Alcam camera.

This time I used an FTDI USB to TTL cable to connect the camera to my PC. When I use a terminal program (TeraRerm to be exact), the the camera responds to commands and I can take pictures etc. But when I close TeraTerm and open exactly the same serial port in Alcam Explorer then it tells me there was no response from the camera. I then close Alcam explorer and reopens in TeraTem and it works again on the same serial. Any suggestions?

@ KiwiSaner -

Not sure if you are already done it or not, but please download the software again (same link) for sure that you have latest version. We just updated few day ago. The latest version should be 1.1.0 which has handshaking default is YES, while older one is NO.

About your issue, it may relates to handshaking, if use ftdi you should enable handshaking option.

Thank you for the advice. Ok, I will check the versions and handshaking settings.

I can confirm the issue was indeed flow control. I simply could not get it to work correctly with the USB cable connected directly to the camera, no matter if if choose flow control or not. But then I disconnected the flow control lines completely and afterwards it worked with the no flow control option. Quite nice to have the Explorer as an example of what is possible. Glad it also displays the actual commands sent and received.

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How did you connect them? Please remember that your RTS should be connected to ALCAM’s CTS, and your CTS should be connected to ALCAM RTS.
Also, when you enable flow control, is your RTS pulled to low?
If one of two pins are always high then you can not communicate with ALCAM.
When you enable flow control, meaning you are changing in host side (PC), this does not effect to ALCAM. Handshaking is always enable in ALCAM.

I used wires between the FTDI cable and the camera to only wire up Tx, Rx, Gnd and +5V.

Previously I just had the FTDI cable plugged straight into the camera as shown elsewhere on a picture here. That works ok for a termanal (without flow control_ but did not want to work for Alcam Explorer no matter if I select handshaking on or off.

You mentioned earlier that the Alcam Explorer version number should be 1.1.0, but I could not see where to look for the version number of the program. Anyway, I’m satisfied that it works for me now without flow control pins, so I’m happy.

@ KiwiSaner -

Right click -> Properties -> Details will show the version

But that is not important, the different thing between 1.0.0 and 110 just minor and relates to another thing.

Anyway, I’m satisfied that it works for me now without flow control pins, so I’m happy.[/quote]
You will get more happy if realize ALCAM supports flow control well. Anyway, let us know if you need this feature in the future.