ALCAM 2.0 - arriving this summer?

I have had some good experiences with the ALCAM 1, but I think there was so much discussion and interest around it, that I was wondering if there was any plans to revisit the camera module again?

Furthermore, there might have been some cool new sensor-developments in the arena, that might become cool features.


We love it too but we are still busy with a lot bigger things. Stay tuned for some huge announcements :slight_smile:

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Windows 10 on a G30?

@ Gus, Unless the suspense kills us first. By stay tuned do you mean stay alive? :smiley:

Just till maker fair…but which one? :wink:


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You were right:

May 20-23… :think:

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You all are doing great work! Is there a plan to roll out ALCAM 2.0? If so, can you share with us a general timeline?

@ Luolong - we will revisit later this year. No plans yet as we are busy with couple large projects.

The camera space is getting crowded, but I feel lots of iot projects would benefit from a camera.

There’s still a need for a good low-cost IP camera. The RepRapFirmware that my 3D printer controller (Duet) uses has a place in its web interface where I can plug in the URL for an IP webcam that I can then use to view what my printer is currently doing. I recently did a search for such a camera only to find that there are very few options and the most economical solution is actually to use a RPi + Camera module. Not a very good solution especially since the biggest reason I went with the Duet was because it has the web interface which would allow me to control my printer w/o a RPi + Octoprint. A simple compact camera with IP streaming capabilities (wired or wireless) would be gobbled up by 3D printer users. @ GHI, add that to my wishlist.

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@ ianlee74 - what is bad about using one of the many of the shelf ip cameras?

That’s a hard question to answer and one I can’t fully. Primarily because when I was looking I found that the average IP camera cost about $70 and so I wasn’t able to do much in terms of tests myself. I did try out the D-Link cameras and found that they are IP cameras in the sense that they work on a TCP/IP network. However, they only seem to stream the video to their own host software (phone app or website). And that only works part of the time… What I need is a camera that hosts its own streaming that can be embedded in any web page (that I allow via my firewall). Maybe the perfect solution exists out there but I posed this question to the maker of the Duet controller and the 3D printer community that uses the board and the only recommendation I received was to use the Raspberry Pi. My search didn’t go much farther. So, I guess my plea is for a reputable company to add this functionality and demonstrate it.

ALCAM seems that its most of the way there. A little webserver backpack for it perhaps?. The other big benefit of the ALCAM is its size. Most of the commercial boards have huge housings which makes them impractical to attach to a printer.

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@ ianlee74 - See we’re in exactly the same boat. But not amount of screaming from our end is going to convince manufacturers (like GHI) to give us this functionality. When ALCAM first came out, I wanted a way to grab the data before it hit the card. Gus said no go on that Joe. I wanted to know if putting a second STM32F4 on to balance the load would help, Still no. My robot needs to be able to see what’s it’s working on. I can’t find fiduciary marks with no vision system!