Aforge .net framework in Fez spider

how to use Aforge .net framework in fez spider? when i add refernence Aforge Dll and build the Application

Error	2	Unable to copy file "E:\D drive Back up\software\Aforge\Samples\Imaging\BlobsExplorer\bin\Debug\LE\" to "bin\Debug\LE\". Could not find a part of the path 'E:\D drive Back up\software\Aforge\Samples\Imaging\BlobsExplorer\bin\Debug\LE\'.	AF

this type of error generated. how can i get .pe and .le files for Aforge?

@ biren - That looks like a full .net framework project and if it is it will not work with a .net microdevice.

@ Justin - but why?

@ biren - why is it probably a full framework library or why wont it work?

@ Justin - i want to try Aforge .net framework for some imaging and vision project in fez spider. so is this possible?

@ biren - no

@ Justin - are you sure?


.netmf is NOT .Net.

If you have teh SOURCE you can recompile. Otherwise, you need .netmf code.

@ biren - About as sure as "is the pope catholic "

They’re different. Believe, please.

@ Brett - means Aforge .net framework is not possible in fez spider?

No, it means that a standard .net compiled “object” is not transportable onto netmf. not just aforge, whatever that is.

Remember, there’s lots of things the netmf does not do; it is designed for embedded devices with limited memory and slow processors (when compared to PC’s and their software).

“think small”

@ Brett - ok thanks

@ biren - You can take the portion you are interested in from AForge and recompile it for .NetMF. You will probably need to do some small changes, but it is doable.

AForge is a library to do things like computer vision, neural networks, genetic programming, and machine learning. Even if you have the source (and you do; it’s open source), your NETMF device doesn’t have the horsepower to accomplish these tasks in any reasonable amount of time.

Some parts have been ported to RLP

It all depends on what you need from AForge

That’s a much bigger operation though than grabbing the C# source and recompiling for NETMF.