Advice on hardware

As you see I am new to the .Net gadgeteer platform, not new to embedded environments, android or .Net. I need advice on boards.

I have a small project for a client developing a low-run product. The brief given to me by the client is the device

  1. must have a 7" screen with touch user interaction
  2. be a handheld device (tablet like)
  3. monitor sensor information, and be able to easy add extra sensors depending on feature level (or smarter sensors)
  4. quick and easy to assemble by client using on shelf components, also to repair

Basically, the client wants to manufacture the device to keep cost low, the assembly simple and have control over the product.

I have been short listed the following boards FEZ Cobra II (Eco) and G400/G400HDR.

Is the FEZ Cobra II (Eco) powerful enough to drive the CP7 TFT?

The FEZ Cobra II (Eco) has a on board SD card, can I use the Flash memory of the G400/G400HDR like a SD card, ie upload image files and the board use these like reading from a SD card? (I am assuming so).

I am planning having a library of images to use for UI, also the images will be arranged to provide a “theme” UI where the user can customize. Also be able to upload company based themes so the client can give a company branding. The UI will have a dasboard look.

Will the CP7 need the power extender to power either board options? (I am guessing so)

Is there a big difference in performance between the boards? (I am guessing so with the CP7)

I have considered the Raptor, but footprint is better with the other boards.

I do not want to give too much away at the moment about the device. Comments welcome.

Is the FEZ Cobra II (Eco) powerful enough to drive the CP7 TFT?[/quote]
***** Driving of a TFT is done by hardware built into the microprocessor chips. CP7 works great with Cobra II.

*** You can define your images as resources in your program. They will be stored in flash.

*** I think just the board and the CP7 should be fine. Additional modules may cause a power problem. With the Raptor, you will need to use a USB-DP module for power.

*** The Raptor is much faster than the Cobra II. Whether you need the additional speed depends upon your application. The CP7 should not be an issue.

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The G400 has lots more RAM which might come in handy to hold all your images. I can comfortably hold my application and about 30 480x272 images in RAM on the G120(Cobra II) with the CP7 800x480 screen I guess you will hold about 10. It is also a LOT faster.

I haven’t done the tests, but I expect the G120 uses a lot less power.