Advice on flexible power supply module from ebay

Having a few small systems running for test I have realized that my lab power suplly does a fine job.

But putting those systems into operation requires a power supply of a more generic type, with reasonable capacity. Being able to suply at least 3A and supplying both 3,3V and 5V. The input is going to vary from 8 to 48V.

Searching ebay for this gives quite a wide array of choices: [url]module for sale | eBay

I have managed to be satisifed with USB-DP so far, but I would some more connection points and possible screw terminals that fits well in a mash-up of several systems.

Any experience to share? What do you use? :think:

I have a heap of LM2956 based modules ($1) and I’ll run them from a 12vdc (or 9vdc, depends on what I have) wall plug. I’ll just use that for 5v or 3v3 output and put that into the appropriate power pin on the device I’m using.

I have a current limiting, digital voltmeter/ammeter unit for early startup of projects (can’t find it easily on ebay but another cheapie, from memory ~$10).

Other than that, I’ll use a SP or DP module, or even power from USB if needed. In a Frankenstein product, I’d probably opt to use multiple of the first power modules if I needed more power than I could get thru perhaps one of those and an LM1117 onboard 3v3 regulator, or needed different voltages. They are quite effective, much better than a straight linear regulator

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@ Brett - thanks !!!

Do you have dc wall outlets?

no I just use generic DC wall plug packs (what the yanks here would call wall warts). is one example.