Adventure of the day - G80 TH unresponsive - solved

TLDR: New G80 TH module was not presenting any devices to Windows. I was literally about to post looking for any second thoughts/ideas of what to test next or if I missed anything. I had spent about 4-6 hours re-reviewing docs, schematics, pinouts, etc so far to see what I had missed or skipped over.

So I’m using the G80 TH module as a daughterboard on a larger board. This is for PCB design/layout simplification purposes, plus I can use the area UNDER the G80 for more components. I have several of these built and working/shipped, but this latest one I soldered on wasn’t presenting any devices of any kind to Windows.

Things tried/tested/verified

  1. Has 3.3v
  2. Has ground
  3. MODE is not connected but is pulled high per voltmeter
  4. Pulled LDR0 to GND to go into bootloader on powerup - no change
  5. Hit reset pin with GND (both with and without LDR0 low) - no change
  6. Tried two PCs - both a desktop and a Surface. Both of these had previously connected to other modules and used to debug/program them so I think we can rule the PC side out as a problem.

… As I was typing this and coming to #7 I thought I could try using another USB cable. Keep in mind I use this USB cable literally every day for other devices and it works fine, so the odds it could be the cable are about zero. However I tried another cable and…IT WORKS.


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Is it plugged in? … Just kidding. Glad you have figured it out.

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@Gus, what do you think was wrong with the usb cable? Impedance mismatch?

I usually just trash any cable giving me any slight issue. The cost of the cable is not worth the frustration.


First of all, nice PCB.

What is the part number of the screw terminals you have for the power connection?

Second, is that a ground plane around the area of the wireless module? I normally include a plane cutout around this on 4 layer boards and no ground planes close to the antenna point. Curious to why you have one?

So was i…From the datasheet - a bit different from the norm.

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Now, that’s a first. It seems to be acting as an RF ground plane.

Good to see someone paid attention to the datasheet for this. :slight_smile:

The terminals are Wurth Redcube part numbers:

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Yeah that footprint took way too long to design :grimacing: