ADS1115 and Cerbuino Bee

Has anyone tinkered with the subject line? I have the Arduino 4-20mA shield located here:

I searched this forum and found another sample but it returns zeros for all channels of inputs. I have a known working current simulator hooked up to channel 1.

I have the beta SDK firmware loaded and am using VS2010 express.

Any help is much appreciated.

This chip is an I2C “compatible” ADC. The code in is for 4.1 (since it’s a USBizi) but you can get an idea from it - is this what code you used? ReadADC() method might be all you need from that… the only caveat is that you want to make sure your I2C device address matches what your shield uses (I note it has a jumper to set different addresses. Remember that netmf uses 7-bit addresses only!)

Might be worth trying to isolate the current-to-voltage that the shield is doing, since it seems specific to that shield (don’t know how easy that might be for you do, but it might be a relevant test)

Thanks for the info Brett. It is actually the same code I tried. Just the ReadADC. Address has been verified. One problem I think I discovered is the 4 to 20mA shield has the I2C pins on at pins 5 & 6 of the 6 pin X10 Arduino connector. Guess that’s what I get for assuming Arduino shields had a “standard” layout. At least the power pins were correct and I didn’t create a carbon generator. Time to whip out jumper cables.