Adobe Photoshop CS2

I just discovered that Adobe is now giving away all of their CS2 products for FREE (with serial code)! If you’re like me and haven’t been willing to spend the big bucks for Photoshop but occassionally need it, this is fantastic.


Thank you. Very good offer!


Will be interesting to see if you can get it installed and running on 7/8

@ Justin - Just installed Photoshop CS2 on Windows 8 from Ian’s link. No problems at all works great so far.

@ Architect - excellent, it might be Premiere that’s the issue with win 7 8…

CS2 should be good enough for the average person editing an image.

Good one Ian.

I had no problem installing & running it on Win8. I was running CS2 on Win7 prior to installing Win8 (using an eBay acquired serial number…) w/o any issues. So, I don’t think anyone should have any issues. I really hope this is a trend that continues. It would super if all companies did this.

i use CS2 at work all the time. my boss is too tight to let me get the latest :frowning:
its great that Adobe are doing this, lets hope they add some other apps to the list :wink:

Like what?

Like CS5 or whatever is the latest :smiley:

CS6 now…

CS2 is so old that it does not support Intel processors on the Mac.

I’m curious if this version qualifies you for an upgrade price on newer releases.

i think their upgrades can only go N-2 versions, so CS2 gets you CS4 which gets you CS6…

Anyone was able to install? It is always asking me for disk2 but I do not want to burn a disk…I am too lazy! The setup for second disc is there but I am unable to continue!

ok I do not want to install another software I do not need (beside this one time) :slight_smile:

The output from disk 2/3 is not ISO so I am not even sure this will work.

I installed Photoshop & Illustrator w/o any issues. I just ran the Windows install and it downloaded what it needed and started the install.

@ ianlee74 - there are 3 setup files. How did you install them?

@ Gus - He is talking about not “Creative Suite 2” but individual

Photoshop CS2 PhSp_CS2_English.exe
Illustrator CS2 AI_CS2_IE_NonRet.exe

3rd and 6th rows from the bottom of the table

Yep, what Architect said. I didn’t want all that on my computer so I just picked out the pieces I wanted.