Adding to Wikipedia, I hope

I’ve tried to start up a Wikipedia article on the MakeCode programming system. I’ve asked that BrainPad be included as a board supported by MakeCode. I know one can use JavaScript with it as well and that MakeCode shows programming in the JavaScript tab automatically. I’ll let people know when that article on Wikipedia is up and published.


Thank you for the support

I see no reason why we could not add a hyperlink to GHI on this table as has been done for other hardware and software makers. These ,however, are links to Wikipedia pages not to corporate web sites. From the Wikipedia article on GHI (if it existed) one could click to go to your corporate web site. I see one reference on Wikipedia to GHI Electronics but that is not in relation to MakeCode so I don’t think it would be a good link on this table. Just a thought. This is all in DRAFT at this time; not published as yet and can be updated with correct info. on BrainPad if needed at any later time. You will also notice that although I started it, “Kittyba” is developing the Wikipedia article for Microsoft MakeCode. I don’t know this but it could be that he would work for a fee to develop a Wikipedia article for a corp. It is more complex than I would attempt; formatting and references and adding images and tables and all.


I meant, a clickable link from “Company” …GHI to your Wikipedia page, if you had one. ie, that left column.