Adding a 4.3" color display to BrainPad

A teacher asked if there is a way to add a color screen to the BrainPad, plus I have always wanted to try out the FTDI EVE graphics co-processor chips. I found this module from MikroE

For software, I found this C# NETMF drivers on github but it had a lot more than what I needed. I borrowed some of the code and converted the SPI driver to TinyCLR OS.

Unfortunately, this didn’t “just work”! After a couple of hours with scope and schematics/datasheets, I realized that MikroE has placed a 16V protection zener but the display I used needed 24V. Nothing a soldering iron can’t fix! I removed the zener and all worked as expected!

Done! We now can create some very nice graphics with minimal efforts.


So, then does the product not work out of the box?

Do you mean the EVE click? It only works with displays that require less than 16V back-light.

You have to be careful as removing the zener will remove the over voltage protection. Do NOT attempt to power up the board without a display connected.

Oh you had to hack it.

This is a subject that we talk about every time we use both the 0.96" OLED on BP with Arcade and the 1.77 TFT on BrainPad Arcade, Gus. So can you see a clear way that we can buy a larger screen and hook it up to the BP Arcade so we can more easily see the scores as the game progresses? Thanks .

The easier option is for Microsoft to give us a little larger font :smile: the problem work larger screens is that they have more pixels, that needs more memory, that needs more processing.

That said, we are experimenting with different options for the future.

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