Added your Arcade Vid. to our Playlists

Added Greg Norris’ latest Arcade vid. to our MakeCode and Arcade channel play list:

We are posting our channel on r/MakeCode and r/programming on Reddit also.

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Cool, thanks. Are you going to be making some tutorials on using arcade?

Now making. First is how to change code in blocks and JavaScript to change button assignment in Jumping Man program on BrainPad. This is the only console in hardware off of computer where we can show Arcade , MakeCode, and hands-on hardware as of Jan. 2019. These will not so much be tutorials because Tristen and I are not that expert; they are more “intro to coding with blocks and JavaScript” and how to make changes in the code to affect visible outputs.

You do not need hardware for now, use the simulator. There are a lot of tutorials. I am sure you will become an expert quickly if you want.

How much beer are you willing to send me to give up my own arcade? :wink:

I will bring you beer, Gus. My uncle lives in Birmingham, MI. On Buckingham Ave. He’s 96, for real ! and he drives his car to get a haircut. I will get the color of car and lic. plate # so you can watch out for him.
Here’s the latest vid. as an introduction to Arcade using your BrainPad. As you can see, I tested the video and MakeCode Arcade link in several browsers and had problems in old Internet Explorers. We do not know what all computers and browsers people are using the world over. I’m just giving an introduction to kids who then will see the Running Man program where I will ask them to make changes to the JavaScript to see changes in the game. First they have to know a little bit about installation. It is not as easy (in some cases) as clicking on the program ‘share’ link, like the guys at Microsoft want you to believe…oh well ! My partner, Tristen Sparks , on our YouTube Channel is a senior in high school. We are learning all together; games are what got him interested in computers and technology so we are ALL-IN on this system and your hardware. I gave him a BrainPad yesterday. MakeCode and Arcade Introduction on Computer and About BrainPad Board - YouTube

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GHI is 20 minutes from Birmingham and I live 5 minutes away! When are you coming to visit?

I was in Corunna, Shiawassee County, near Owosso and west of Flint, last June for my 50th highschool reunion …FIFTYTH ! Might make it up there again this coming summer. Will let you know, I have time to travel now that I’m retired from dentistry (Missouri near Branson) . New vid. that shows uploading Arcade program to BrainPad: Arcade with BrainPad, Uploading Jumping Man Program - YouTube, (for some reason this does not show up in the channel on YouTube ! ? at least on my computer now).

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