Add Gadgeteer API to existing netmf project

Hi all,

I have an existing netmf project using FEZ Cobra II. I want to use character display module and bluetooth module in this project. So I wonder if there is anyway that I can add these modules to my existing project?

Thank you very much

Yes you can, is sockets are not enough then you need to manually add more sockets or use

I am sorry for asking unclear question. I know that I can use modules on Cobra II. I had some Gadgeteer projects using a template for .NET Gadgeteer application. When doing this, I have some files in my solution explorer such as Program.generated.cs and Program.gadgeteer.diagram inside Program.Gadgeteer group. However, with my existing project, I did not use that template. So I don’t have anything files as I mentioned above. Could you tell me how can I add and use gadgeteer modules on my existing project?

Thank you very much.

This may not be the “official” and/or “politically correct” GHI answer (I’m still learning myself), but my advice is to not try to figure out all the various resources and imports you’ll need; rather, start a new Gadgeteer project, use the designer, and generate a skeleton project, then copy-paste code from your NETMF project into the skeleton.

@ Jeff - I like pragmatists!

Thank you for your answer, I will try to do that.