Add devices I own below avatar

I thought I throw the idea in the open.
For example:

Perfect idea!

Sounds like a good marketing strategy. :wink:

I had asked for this long time go :frowning:

I personally think it looks cluttered. Many own too many boards to list under the avatar and making them any smaller makes it harder to distinguish between boards. People can already find out what you own when they view your profile.

@ Josh, I agree and really don’t see that it adds any value except that you might get a few people who buy additional boards just to add the badges :wink:

From a marketing point this is indeed a good idea.
Maybe the icons a little smaller, people recognize them anyway.

But I think it looks pretty neat.

I’m with the Josh camp. Too much on the left makes for too much white space on each post. Maybe another layout would work better? Maybe a choice for one board only? Like “my favorite” or “current project board”.

My two cents…

Unnecessary waste of bandwidth.

Hmm while looking at it a second time I realized it indeed wastes a lot of space. :think:

Gus, It is you and me now ;D. Just kidding.

I see your point Josh and Mike. Will look good on the profile page though.

Just to play devil’s advocate…

It’s only a waste of space if most posts are a line or two long, which is not my experience, other than on some of the more banter-filled threads.

As for a waste of bandwidth, that’s only an issue if proper caching policies are not in place. If proper caching is used, your browser should only download the image once, then cache it for future visits (the content can also be cached on intermediate servers as well), so bandwidth should not be a major bar to implementing something like this.

Not saying it’s necessary, but neither of the above reasons against it are convincing, IMO. :slight_smile:

A waste of limited GHI resources? ;D

I think this should be a symbol/icon, not an image.

What about a “signature” picture any user can personalize, automaticaly added at the send of each posts ? Then, a user could choose to put in here a picture of its boards, of its setup, or just a few little flowers, why not an headline saved in a picture format… That would be quite flexible !
You could define a fixed size (for an example, 300*50). :wink:

11/14 posts in this thread alone meet this description :wink:

I’ve seen other forums that do that and IMO it really clutters the look of the forum and breaks up the readability of the thread. Maybe a slightly larger profile image then people could add this sort of thing if they wished to their icon? Or perhaps allow a second larger image/window that only appears when you roll over someone’s profile icon?

Hmm good ideas… But is it worth the effort?

Robert, you’re definitly right ! I would prefer a little “forum” below each code page (report bugs, suggest modification, discuss problems…) or at least a way to contact an author without going to the forum and say : “I want to speak to xxxx about some stuff” !!

But it’s Christmas time and the right period of year to discuss funny decorations :smiley: (with leds, please !)

That would be nice.

It would also be nice to have comments/forum in the store with each product or perhaps a way to tag forum posts that are specific to a product so that they appear with the product in the store. When I’m shopping I often find the comments more useful than the product descriptions.

Personally i like the idea of the board image. But IMHO i would say they should go vertically on the left of the profile pic. This will allow for the same readability of the forum without over leading the text blocks.
i’ve edited Architects original image to show what i mean (hope you dont mind Architect) you can see that there is space for at least 6 boards or even two vertial lines without too much trouble.
Is it worth it? probably not but it does look cool :slight_smile: