Who want to make it use domino or Netduino?

It should be easy to do with NETMF as the arduino is not really doing much here! Now, use FEZ Spider and you can really control WiFi, really control the camera. Like, adding text on the images for example. But it will cost a bit more

Take a look at the Flipbook Maker project . It could easily be modified to be an IoT camera. Also has a nice looking enclosure.

Yes, after my spider come back I try more projects.

I dunno, the parts list from the Adafruit site is $143.50-$193.50 (depending on the Eye-Fi card you pick).

That’s a lot of money. For that ( you can get Panda II + Connect shield, WiFi bridge, and the same serial camera. That’s $152.

Could be done cheaper if you went with Cerberus + ENC28J60 module + WiFi bridge + camera ($142).

Yep, the higher end EyeFi cards get pricey fast. Cool tech, but locks you into their proprietary firmware. No chance of tweaking it…