Adafruit 1.8 TFTShield rev B

Has someone use this shield with TinyClr with success ?

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We have a sample TinyCLR example for the LCD portion of the screen for version 1 of this shield. Here is a link to the GitHub repo with the example:

The sample has been updated with the latest preview libraries. Hopefully it will just work and you can expand the other functions from there.


I couldn’t resist to jump in and say graphics on TinyCLR is awesome! An SPI display like this one would simply work with built in services. The core Aron linked to shows how would this magically work.


@Aron_Phillips and @Gus_Issa: thanks for all information. I agree to say graphics on TinyCLR is awesome !

I have just found my problem: TFTShield rev B need a pwm to command backlight. I must dig Adafruit seesaw concept !