Active Micro Pages (AMP)

While working on my current project it occurred to me that I needed my Raptor to serve up pages that were as flexible as something on a desktop server. So, I’m currently developing AMP using existing server demos and Skewworks Application Framework. Obviously I’ll build out anything I need but feel free to add any requests and when it’s all done I’ll be sure to share.

Current functionality:
Ability to serve HTML, CSS and JS.
A model (like MVC) can be tied to any page and accessed by @ Model in the HTML
Models are loaded dynamically as needed so they can be replaced on the fly
Models can respond to page load and post events

Let me know what else you’d like to see

Just added:
POST support

Edit 2
Added support for:
Adding ContentTypes (Default ones are already loaded css,html,js,etc)
Adding DefaultPages (index.htm, index.html, etc)


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This is how I manage databases on my Raptor now

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@ Skewworks - I’ve been considering that as well, however I prefer to serve all pages static, and load Json objects to create the data. This way, I can have load balancing among my NETMF devices. One big device that serves HTML and other statics, and the main low power device that’s serving JSON only, to service the user’s needs.

@ Mr. John Smith - You can do static pages as well. AMP only does extra work if there’s an associated .ampview file for the page.


This has been working out quite well. I’ve added sessions to the mix and I’m currently using this to control a lot of stuff on my Raptor.

Current Features
[ul]Static pages
View run pages (with any properties you like and PageLoad)
Custom content-types
Custom default page(s)
Set base directory
Form Post
Query strings[/ul]

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Just realized I never posted the code for this. I’m plugging AMP into my latest project so once I’m done adding form post I’ll throw this over into CodeShare.

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