Accurate timer for send data

With GT.Timer it is possible to have millisecond interval time. I don’t know if this sort of timer is really accurate but we can’t go down millisecond. I have some IR signal which I must send every 100 microsecond. Is it possible ?

SignalCapture/SignalGenerator are probably what you would use for that on GHI devices…

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@ bauland - As Brett said, depending on what you’re trying to do, SignalGenerator may be the right way to go.

I use SignalGenerator in the driver for my IR LED Array module, to create the signal for operating an IR remote control helicopter.


@ andre.m Thanks for the information, but if rlp seems promising, it seems complicate too.

@ Brett and @ devhammer : that excatly what I’m looking for, and Signal Capture, which I discover, seems can do a lot of the job to capture signal before to Generate one !!! These two class I didn’t know would make my life easier. Thanks a lot ! :clap:

@ bauland - Exactly. If you’re trying to replicate a signal from an IR source (TV remote, for example), SignalCapture allows you to save the timings of that commands into a buffer. You can save that buffer, and then replay it using SignalGenerator.

Definitely easier than trying to do the commands from scratch.

Have you a crystal ball ? That 's exactly what I try to do !

My first idea was to do from scratch. But now that I know this tool exists, it makes my first idea foolish !

@ bauland - No crystal ball… It’s just a common use case. :slight_smile:

You break magic: I was thinking you was a wizard … :’(