Accidentally selected clean, now cannot deploy

I have been using VS2012 to update code to a Fez Cobra, and I accidentally selected Clean instead of Deploy from the menu, and now I can no longer Deploy. Error message says GHIElectronics. was not found. Anyone know what the issue is?


try rebuilding the solution/

I have. Still get the error.

Are you targeting 4.1?

I am, yes.

and there are no errors in the output window?

Yes, two errors. Cannot find the file and the file in the debug/LE folder. I have tried copying these two files into the debug/LE folder, but when I build or rebuild they both disappear again.

I reinstalled the 4.1 SDK, that seems to have resolved the issue.



Actually, this didn’t completely solve the issue. The problem is with Build, not with Deploy. If I close the project and reopen it, then it will build. But only the one time. Next time I go to Build it gives me the same errors, and I have to close the solution and reopen it again.