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Accessing TSC2046 VBAT/AUX ADC via NETMF


Hi All,

I would like to utilise the 2 available ADC channels on the touch screen controller chip used by the chipworkx development system. This seems the only way to do this as the chipworkx doesn’t expose any ADC pins itself.

My question is - how do I access the ‘values’ of VBAT & AUX on the TSC2046 from within the NETMF.
I have tried instantiating an AnalogueIn object, and passing each AnalogueIn.Pin enumeration value into its constructor - but this throws an unsupported exception.

Any help or ideas on how to access these capabilities wiould be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,


This is currently not supported IIRC, we will look into it.


Thanks Gus

Any help or ideas on this one would be great!!