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Accessing Nand from windows:


How does one look at the file structure and such of the nand from windows, for a chipworkx board.
I have read the documentation on this subject but it all seems to point to loading the sd or atached usb through the client usb port, not the nan file. I need to see why the config file I thought I created is not working.



public static void Main()
                USBC_MassStorage ms = USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartMassStorage();
                PersistentStorage nand = new PersistentStorage("NAND");
                ms.AttachLun(0, nand, " ", " ");


That won’t work until he switches debug off USB1, which means serial deploy would be required.

And for some reason even if you’ve already flashed the chip changing the debug port requires you to reflash. Bit of a pain that.


ahhhh a new topic to research and some excellent answers. I feel that i must be in TinyClr Forum. Thanks for the help, by the way aren’t these little computers really neat. 8)