Accessing Cobra II Extender Sockets


I would like to link modules to sockets on the Cobra II Extender in the Gadgeteer designer, but none of the extender sockets appear to be selectable. (See pic below)

I am using Win7 64bit, VS2010 & SDK Version 2013 R3

Is there a way of enabling the extender sockets for use in the Gadgeteer Designer?



They’re enabled for me. I’m using VS2012 though, and R3.

Also to me, never had an issue with putting modules in the extender sockets in the designer Win8.1/64bit, VS2012.

@ Keith - what modules have you dragged into the designer? If there are no modules and you try to select a socket on the extender, because there is no socket to connect it to, you will get a little stop icon.

Thanks for the input - figured it out.

After adding the extender and updating the SDK to R3, I opened an existing test project - it was in the existing project that the extender sockets would not become active. Removing all of the components in the designer and re-adding them made no difference.

When creating a new project the sockets are available.