Accelerometer flashes on BrainPad?

Just wondering what all this flashing is for when my mouse pointer is over the BrainPad simulator, I get the shaking to simulate tilting the board…but the flashing? I hope this link works:

I have just tried it with a chrome browser on windows and it I am not seeing the colors showing in the video!

If you click the full screen button right under the simulator, does it sill show the same thing?

Do you only see this when you add the accelerometer?

There is something screwy with the Chromebook version of MakeCode, Gus. I tried it also with my MS Surface and Chrome browser and do NOT get the color flashes. This must be a fault of the Chrome system on Chromebooks. I will try it both on-line and off-line as the system works both ways and will also try it full screen and with other inputs besides accelerometer to see if I can duplicate it. Not that this is important but a weird reaction nonetheless. I am trying to work with your BrainPad and with other MakeCode hardware only on Chromebooks because so very many of our students only have that machine for learning STEM and the more I can learn about it the better I can relate to their problems . Much work ahead.

We have Chromebooks. We will give it a try.

We tested it using an Acer N15Q8, ChromeOS Version 67.0.3396.99.
We couldn’t duplicate the issue. I will try on a Chromebook I have at home

Thanks for testing this Greg and Gus:

Accelerometer is turned on as a command in the code and supposed to activate LED on BrainPad. It does. In simulator the “tilt up” command gives weird flashing on the screen on part of the BrainPad. This is when using a Samsung Chromebook; either on or off-line. This behavior of the simulator does not show as evidence if the machine used is a Micro Soft Surface notebook. Samsung Chromebook it does: Video of it:

The people at MakeCode on Discord may be able to figure this out. They seem to be knowledgeable . I have not tried other BrainPad actuators, ie other than the accelerometer. Will do that on the simulator.

This is not a big deal to me but might be disconcerting to teachers when using in the classroom. I don’t know. They might get questions from students about the behavior. It may only be a problem with my machine. I just now ordered another refurbished Samsung Chromebook as a Christmas gift and will try the system on it in a week when the $79 Chroembook comes in. Thanks for your interest.

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