Accel G248 in 8g mode

The IC on Accel G248 should be able to be put in 8g mode. However there are no functionality in the framework to do this.

Can I do this with RLP or modifying something.

Here are the IC

A quick look at the source code shows that it’s a very basic implementation.

You can grab the existing source code from BitBucket.

Oh yea, did not know about that but I actually found it now for 2 sec ago!

@ KaptenJon - Has anyone worked on a more sophisticated driver? If not, I may give it a go (I have done some deep level I2C programming on other gadgeteer devices).

Specifically to add:
Interrupts (thresholds set in ‘mg’)
events (for timed readings)
Set ranges (2g/4g/8g)
output real ‘mg’ values
set other basic chip config (make sample frequency configurable to specific values or make dependent on timed readings)

The device has lots of other capability but 90% of it unlikely to be broadly appealing. Weigh in if there is other capability that should be surfaced.

If anyone has started working on this, LMK. Otherwise this shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to put together.


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