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Hi guys, here I am again with another question. I want know a little more about RLP. It works with the version MF 4.1 on EMX (limited as i know) and on Chipworks devices. I’m not sure if it works on Embedded Master. Do you confirm this?
Is there somewhere something I can read about it (tutorial, examples, notes, etc) ??

Again many thanks in advance!



On EMX, it is not limited but locked by default and only for serious customers. See user manual for details.
For Embedded Master (old version), it is not supported. Why looking into old version?!
For information and examples, see our library documentation.


OK. So what I have to do if I want to unlock the RLP feature and to insert low-level code in my application using an EMX device ?
That is what’s the meaning of “serious customers” :slight_smile: ?!?
I have some Embedded Master devices (they was v3.0 and now I update them to 4.0-4.1). I would like to know if it’s also possible to develop RLP code parts to these devices.

Thanks :wink:


It means you must be a company (no students, no tinkerers) with needs to use RLP and willing to sign some agreements. It is up to GHI to approve or not and there is a fee to unlock the device too.

ChipworkX has RLP open by the way.

The question is, why do you need RLP? Have you already used NETMF fro along time and you understand the whole system and now you are stuck in need of RLP? This is what GHI needs to know. You can email/call GHI directly and discuss your needs.