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I’m interested on your panda .net micro framework porting tutorial but when i build .net porting kit output how to install it on device?You only show load led blink native application to device.How can i load tinyclr output to device?And i want to traslate this tutorial to turkish as you permit.

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Hi there

did you see this?

Beginners Guide to Porting NETMF Sep. 5, 2010
Still under development.

It’s not a finished project, so how it stands today is as far as it’s progressed. Gus is doing this all on his own time so there’s no deadline to complete it. The important parts are probably related to the fact that the pandas are only just starting to arrive around the world, with the JTAG port that is necessary to deploy the “port” of netmf onto them. I’d expect now that’s happened, Gus might have more reason to keep the progress here going :wink:

I’m sure the team will welcome your offer of translating the documentation !

…and welcome to the Fez Forums !


Are you sure JTAG needed for deploy TinyCLR?I think it’s not necessary.


You do not need jtag at all. I am already working on completing the porting ebook


Can i start to translation?And do you have any spesific timeline to finish tutorial?I want to port 3.5" TFT native code for that open source project as listed here

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No do not start on translating as it is going to change a lot. I am already working on it but I am not sure on when it will be complete but soon I hope.

That board you pointed out, what processor is on it? It says “image processor”! Is it ARM? If not then porting is not going to be fun. The book already explains why not :wink:

Although the book is not complete, you should read what is in there so far. It will get you far enough to do the rest on your own.


Thanks for your quick reply.

This module simply 3.5" TFT driver IC.It’s has the ability of jpeg encode,decode and capture jpeg frames from CMOS camera.So i want to implement native driver and use it in managed way on .net micro framework.(the tutorial native interop part).And when i complete i want to deploy my tinyclr to fez panda.But you mention on scatterfile_tinyclr_gcc.xml “USBizi_OpenSource - Gus: File needs to be updated” where some info for heap and stack barriers.can you help me on these subjects?And by the way where is the TinyBooter by the way?

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I am still not sure how NETMF would run on that board.

Anyway, it will be all explained in the porting ebook

About your questions, the ebook in incomplete and the firmware is incomplete. Feel free to help out or wait till it is all done :wink:


NETMF won’t work on that board,it’ll be driving by fez panda.I would love to help as you give me duties.


I see, you want to connect FEZ Panda to that board and write native drivers to communicate with that board. Now I understand :smiley:


Exactly!And as i said i would love to help you on your tutorial by all means.


I will let you know how you can help, thanks