Abou the 3.5" Display of Cobra OEM Box

Is the the 3.5" Display of Cobra OEM Box same as the “Display T35” of FEZ Spider Starter Kit?

I have only the “Display T35 Module”, does it pass the “Cobra” display connector?

I have built a board on the basis of Cobra board, and the display connector on the Cobra board is 40 pins. It seems that the IO17 is not used for display, but the pin IO17

is used in “Display T35 sch.pdf” as “SHDN#”.

Is “IO17” very import und necessary for the “Display T35 Module”?

You only need it to shutdown the backlight.

@ Gus -

I have a "FEZ Spide ", I find that the IO17 is used for “SHED#”,

but IO17 on my board ist used for the other chip. Can I let the “SHED#” on the “Display T35 Module” empty?

if not, how can I do it?