ABORT Data error?


Build Date:
Feb 16 2012

pc = 0x20153c4c
lr = 0x20153cf8
sp = 0x0030f4c0

That’s a new one for me.

That is the BSOD of NETMF :slight_smile: You managed to break it but you didn’t tell us how.

I did nothing that I’m aware of. Everything worked fine, I transferred everything to a new case, went to load a different project that had previously worked and BOOM.

So far I’ve tried erasing and re-deploying. Same error. Now I’m disconnecting everything excepted Dual-Power and trying again.

Hey I bet this is a problem:


I’m going to go ahead and completely replace the firmware…

That did it!

GUS be praised!

I’m having the same problem…how is this resolved, i.e., what does “completely replace the firmware” mean?

(Same with me, I did this when I was trying to redeploy an app…made essentially no change to the code)

Using latest SDK from last week?

I’ll double check later when I’m back from work, but I’m pretty sure it is, I just got the Hydra in last week.

Never assume that when you receive a GHI board it contains the latest software. :slight_smile:

Wow, just realized I’m completely lost on this. By SDK, do you mean the dev toolkit version or the firmware on the board? (And it looks like I’ll need the SD card module to bring the module back to life?)

No need for SD. please download the SDK package, install them run firmware update.

Updated the firmare and it’s back up and running (the instructions in the update software weren’t exactly accurate in my case…), thanks for the help!! I wasn’t able to reproduce though; I had a theory that I was overrunning an array somewhere, but that wasn’t a problem, so I’m still not sure what caused it in the first place.

I have a similar error using Fez Spider.

After a coulpe of hours of running I get the following message:

Build Date
Oct 24, 2012

cps 0x200000df
pc 0x000049e8
lr 0x909f9f9f
sp 0x4000f360

Any help would be appreciated.

@ felixs - welcome to the community.

We would need some steps to repro this in our end so we can fix it.

Hello Gus, I could send you my VS project. would that help?

Ideally would start taking pieces from your project and see if problem stays or not. At the end you would have a somewhat simple object, just one source file, that can isolate the problem, like knowing is is related to SPI for example. Then we would need that code posted here if possible with instructions on how to use it.

This will greatly help us in solving the problem faster.

So, the abort data information is virtually useless?

I see if I find time to strip down the project…

Correct, not very useful if we can’t repro this on our end.

As a quick fix: Is there a setting that allows for automatic reboot in case of BSOD?

Not an option currently