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A5 is now up


In my openion, the past two years were in companies fighting over the cortex-M3 market. We will not see much in that area in future but it is time for companies to fight over the cortex-A5 market

Here is a new one from atmel
Not to forget about freescale, M4/A5 combo

I know what you are thinking but using these brand new silicon/chips is a very bad idea. They need time to mature a bit more.


This is nice:

[quote]Extensive ecosystem —
Delivered with free Atmel Linux® and Android™ ports and Qt SDK, as well as a complete set of C examples for non-OS users. This offer is completed by multiple software and hardware partners.[/quote]


Go on…you know you want to - else you wouldn’t have posted :smiley:


You just know he has some samples already :wink:


lol - my thought as well