A wish list for ALCAM

What would like to see added to ALCAM?

A clothes penetrating mode? :-[


@ Mike - you know that would work on men and women right? :wink: may not be a very good feature.


Why do you think this would only be a feature for men?

Possibility to attach external lights and make the ALCAM control it automatically from the board itself based on light sensors. So I dont need to worry about night and day.

these lights could also be infrared, lots of people are using cameras for intrusion detection or monitoring movements in the night, maybe a simple movement detection with a stable reference picture might be interesting?

Optical movement sensing and the ability to add text onto a photo (like coordinates or date/time etc)

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YES!. Release thy inner pervert!

Yes +1 for the ability to hard encode witness marks onto the video frames. If not then a supporting Closed Caption track into the file.

I had no perverted intentions in mind when I requested the clothes penetrating mode. I believe it is a necessary feature for debugging wearable computer programs. :open_mouth:


Nearly every use I’m thinking of for my ALCAM involves setting it up to capture a picture when something happens and then sending the picture to me using another micro. It would be awesome to have a daughterboard containing an ESP8266 or similar that could be attached and could handle delivering photos somewhere wirelessly. Perhaps a config file could be found on the flash card of the ALCAM that could give it instructions on where to send it. I don’t know if everything could be squeezed onto an ESP8266 by itself but if it could that would make it a very small and cheap accessory. Otherwise, a minimal uC that could hold this bit of intelligence would be cool and make the ALCAM useful as a stand-alone device with no programming required. It wouldn’t need to be able to stream quickly. One pic every 15-30 seconds would be fine.


ALCAM already includes a pin to capture images, just connect this pin to a motion sensor :wink:

…A second ALCAM?

I’d love to have something I could use for room occupancy detection.

PIR’s are no good unless you are moving. A camera system that could detect people in a room would be awesome.

I think this can be easily added. Wet just need to compare the images to a reference image.

Sorry, I don’t see anyone requesting that. So, I’m going to assume you’re replying to me. If that’s the case then you totally misunderstood my request.

Are there Lens options for ALCAM? I’m interested in using it in the product to do Metrology; with both telecentric and microscopic lenses.

EDIT: I guess like these [url]http://www.lensation.de/en/shop/browse/6-s-mount-m12x05-lenses.html?sef=hc[/url]

@ Mr. John Smith - you can buy the chip and then use any lens you like. And also the board uses a standard connector do you can change the lens, as long as the images sensor used is compatible.

So any S-Mount lens is ok. Cool Beans

The camera will be burned itself if the image is “hot” enough

I like the clothes penetrating feature, but another usefull feature would be to also log serial text data on USB thumdrive via the Alcam. I was thinking something like a datalogger that writes text of html file with references to photographs that is applicable. The log files might contain things like date and time, temperature, accelleromter data etc, with links to photographs. One typical use would be a dash camera that continuesly record video, but also record GPS data and harsh braking/turning info.