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A very cool project


Ok this is not FEZ but I think it is so cool, someone has to do it using FEZ


If someone can figure out USB camera images… :wink: :wink:

(I know Gus, there’s always serial cameras, but that’s hardly as much fun 8) )


I got the hint :smiley:


lol. Of course, you could always go with a “disconnected” video experience, for example use a Swann wireless video surveillance system just for the real-time display, and use Fez for control.


Or tie into roborealm.


I like this one too:


Cool, that should be my next project. :wink:


OK, here’s one that looks easier to build



If I do it can I get 1000 exp points? ;D

Basically it’s a wireless network camera and remote control using the Fez Cobra right?


Cobra is too much for this. The fez mini robot is perfect. We only need to add a camera. I may just make one for maker fair


How about controlling a remote control car, with wireless camera and a motion frame simulator that gets feedback from the car with regard to car’s terrain / angle etc…

Here’s a link to some really cool USB actuators you could use on the motion frame.


How about you one up this guy and put the FEZ and camera on a frikkin blimp? :slight_smile:


The blimpy requires helium, and a air tight baggy to put it in. If anyone has any suggestions as to what material one can use for that; we’re all ears!


Modify an already built RC Blimp?


When I was like 7 or 8 I had one of those RC balloons. Very neat, and they had a good amount of lift. Now, just chain those together to make one big balloon!


I think the FEZantigravity component might be useful for building a blimp.


Antigravity? hey that would be bad ass. Would it be Freaking Easy though?


[quote]Would it be Freaking Easy though?

Of course!


You could moon walk with your fez in your hand :smiley: