A simple application using the designer application by taylorza

I just posted a simple project mad using taylorza designer.

I LOVE IT!.. And he solved a question I posted the other day on how to use
SimpleGraphics on the G400-D. He answered my question with Extras!

His application loaded and ran without ANY problems on my PC. Windows 7 64 bit and Visual Studio 2010 Express…

In case you don’t know. Every time you create a codeshare entry a post is automatically created on the forum.

Easier to discuss codeshare in on place that way. No need really to duplicate the post manually.


@ Architect -

Sorry about that… I guess I should have known that… But I diddent.

I’ll try to remember…

I usually don’t care, but purist in me couldn’t resist to comment about that. :wink:

No offence.

@ Architect -

No offence.

None taken…

I say… Say what you mean and mean what you say…

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