A questions about Xbox controller

Hi all,

first, I think an introduction is in order,
I’m a programmer by profession & a game programmer by hobby (still nothing published, but in the way).

& I’ve been interested in embedded systems every since I heard about the Arduino project (over 2 years ago), but never had the time or motive to try it.

since my preferred language is C#, I’ve been looking at various products that support .netmf
& after seeing the concept of Gadgeteer, I feel like this field will be my new home for a while.

anyway, I’m in the middle of evaluating the various fez boards & it seems like cerberus is not yet ready & therefore out of question.

so, I’m left with Hydra & Spider.

the question:
in this topic (http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/1/62/) & in many search results I found, they all refer back to this post (microframeworkprojects.com) for using the xbox controller through USB.
but, it seems like the website (microframeworkprojects.com) is dead, so, I have no way of knowing what was in it.

so my question is, in order to use an xbox controller with the netmf, do I need to get the Spider & the USB host, or should I get either card & use some other USB reader ?

how hard/easy is it to implement such a feature ?

@ Nab

Welcome to the community!

Although the switchover happened before my time here, I believe that the assets that used to be on microframeworkprojects are now on the TinyCLR code site. There’s an XBOX controller project there, which you can find by searching under “XBOX”:

That project looks to have been written before the release of Gadgeteer, so you might need to tweak it a bit to use with FEZ Spider or Hydra (not sure, as I have not done much with USBHost myself), but it should at least get you started.

Good luck!

That is correct. Please point any bad links you find so we can fix them.

Welcome to the community.

Microframeworkprojects is the wiki.

No it is code share :slight_smile: but at some point we tried wiki. The good news is that we moved it all to this website.

thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

yup, I found it & it needs the USB Host controller, so it seems I Need the Spider.
thanks for the help

Can the XBOX controller wireless be used as well? (I assume the previous posts were relating to the wired version)

I guess this plug into the USB, and then I could use it wirelessly.

@ mhectorgato - don’t make the assumption that the wireless version is “the same” just because it works on a PC. It is not. I have both, and while getting the wired version to work was straightforward with the code here, the wireless turned out to be another matter entirely. The PC drivers for it are closed source, and it does more than just act as a USB “pass through” for the wireless controller. Also, I tried to get the chatpad to work. Same story. Closed source and it doesn’t even work on a PC. No intention from MS to make it work, either. Caveat - I did all this over 18 months ago, so some smart fella may have reverse engineered it by now, or maybe MS has opened up the source enough to pull it off.

You’ve been warned.