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A question about WiFi error received


On occasion, am receiving the error ‘Error 12 HardwareCommunicationTimeout’

Yes! It could be my code but I still would like to know…

Checking about the error I found: NetworkInterfaceExtensionException…::…ErrorCode Enumeration

It means that the system could communicate with the WiFi module but it did not get the expected initialization response.
This happens when the WiFi module firmware is corrupted. The firmware can be updated using WiFi FirmwareUpdate() method.

I could not find out how to use “The firmware can be updated using WiFi FirmwareUpdate() method”

Could somebody point me in the right direction for information on how to use the ‘WiFi FirmwareUpdate() method’

It is not Earth Shattering, but for general information, I would like to know when and how it should be used…



@ willgeorge - Have you tried the hotfix from last week …


@ RobvanSchelven -

I have the Hot Fix but have not installed it yet.

My question was based on error received using my Spider (Should have mentioned that) (EMX)

I believe I would need it for my Cobra II though.


@ willgeorge - Ahhh yeah, its a hotfix for G120. My wrong assumption :wink: