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A question about Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware Cpu


What is SlowClock and what is it for?

Sorry, but my brain is old and I did not find anything that explained it well.

Thanks in advance…


I’ve never used it. Maybe someone on the forum can say more than the msdn?

[edit]. This seems to be in Hz and this clock is the one used by peripherals (spi uart…) while the other clock is the one that is used by the core.


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Link is broken but I’ll go the MSDN and find something.

Thank you… A place to start…


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Navigate to the link and then remove the [quote] (v=vs.102 [/quote] from the URL in the navigation bar and the link should work.


the forum doesn’t handle multiple dots in a URL well. is the shortened link


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Not a complaint. Just stating that the link was broken

The Slow Clock is a slower and more precise clock than the system clock. It is used for the timing of the GPIO pins.

That answers my question! Thanks to all