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A question about FEZZER submissions


I wrote and posted to FEZZER a driver for Newhaven Displays that supports all three of the hardware protocols. Since then, I have made some changes that I think makes the display more useful, like supporting word wrap and making the display linear.
What is the correct procedure to follow here. Update the earlier submission or make a new submission.
A new submission runs the risk of cluttering up FEZZER with multiple submission of virtually the “same” code. On the other hand there is no versioning in FEZZER so if I update the earlier submission, it is gone. Anyone who wishes to use the earlier one has no way to retrieve it.
What is the correct procedure?


Please update the old entry. There is no versioning as of now but this is on the todo list.


You can always include old version of the source code inside the zip file attachment.


Perhaps also put a note in your description with a version number.