A pretty cool G120 applcation

Hi All,

Just thought I’d post a picture of a board I just created. It’s a:

4 layer board
Bluetooth - Long Range
Socket for a 24 pin expansion board

Can’t say what it’s for yet. Never the less, I think it was a good promo for G120.


“Can’t say” as you will not, or you just haven’t decided what to use it for?

Nice board!

20pin for ext LCD and 1 socket for touch?

Can’t say “out loud” yet as it’s a potential product

The small black one is actually for the CC debugger for the bluegiga chip

The 24 pin is for expansion (comms, IO, etc)

@ rbrainard - Got it! ;D Good luck with the product!

Will this be for sale? Add about 7 more gadgeteer sockets and it would be ghi approved :slight_smile:

Haha, ya, I’ll add them! I’ll trade GHI for handshaking on UART;) :wink:

I don’t think I’m going to try and sell them individually. They are pretty pricey little suckers.

@ rbrainard - nice design