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A new chapter has begun at GHI Electronics


A new CEO Gary Beaver and a new standard for health and wellness of the brain,
Introducing the world’s first Edible IoT Smart Cookie.

Mr. Beaver has had this secret for many years now and finally revealed it to the public. The CPU powering the smart cookie is dark chocolate. No It’s not wishful thinking. Mr Beaver believes chocolate is really good for you! Dark chocolate is rich in brain-boosting chemicals, called flavonoids, which can enhance your cognitive skills. Mr Beaver has performed research over the years and has found flavonnoids induce creation of new neurons in the brain and also improve their ability to form new memories. Studies also show flavonoids improve blood flow to the brain.

The smart cookies will be available for purchase feb 30th 2018



What happened to the website? :wink:


This is probably fake since the picture is not upside down./


The reason this has been secret for many years was Gus kept eating the prototypes. The new Gus has allowed this life changing product to see the light of day.


The first problem with smart cookies, is that when you eat one, other flee !


Don’t eat that ones eat others that flees.