A new carrier board by MBN


here is a new production from MBN, that will conciliate the power of the G400 SoM (using its TH model) and the ease of use of Mikrobus sockets.

Everything is pure NETMF and you will be able to use MikroElektronika’s Click boards as easily as with the Quail board since our Click boards’ drivers are standard NETMF C# drivers and are provided as (open)source code.

More detailed informations can be found on the MBN forum.


@ Bec a Fuel - beautiful


Thank you Gus !

Here is a video of it working : GHI G400TH Carrierboard by MikroBUS.Net - YouTube

You will find detailed informations on the hardware used here.


This is Stephen’s finger. The fingerprint has been rubbed out his finger so that nobody can steal it :snooty:

But still, a third hand would have been useful to record the video. I wish I were born in Tchernobyl, sometimes… :-[

Stephen’s fingers already passed through a Table Saw back in March 2013. So, I’ll pass on the knife.

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Another one, again by Stephen :


@ Bec a Fuel - Did you already send one out to us to play with?

That looks great but I have an OT question on the fingerprint module.

I have one of those and I found that it was difficult to get a good reading if your finger is anything but 100% dry. Out here it’s damn hot all the time so my fingers tend for the most part to have a moist surface. You see this a lot with trying to use swipe type keyboards on phones and the movement is sticky from the damp finger.

I see this with my Samsung phone and it’s fingerprint reader. If my finger is even a little damp from sweat, it fails and a quick wipe to dry it off often works but with this reader I could not get it to work reliably.

What library are you using for the GUI on this?

I am using Glide.

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I am willing to beta test one, if you send me one.

It is a GT-511C3 Fingerprint Scanner by ADH-Tech. I found that pressure more than moisture affects the reliability. A finger placed with a slight firm pressure will give better results.

No, not yet. Because this board is an unique prototype. So we will cast it into amber for the future generations :hand:

You will get one final board, however. We have put the ETH connector back and made some little changes since this prototype.

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