A New Adventure for Devhammer

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, some news…this Friday will be my last day at Microsoft.

After 9+ years, and lots of fun, I’m moving on to my next adventure, and will be doing freelance development and training. I’m hoping, as a byproduct, to have more time to spend with hardware and Gadgeteer, so hopefully I can also be a bit more active in the forums than I’ve been of late.

Greatly appreciate all the support I’ve received from folks here in the community over the years.

More info on my blog at: The Next Adventure - Low Code Life

Good luck and i hope it works out well for you :slight_smile:

PS - i am part of the 0.001% that doesnt use Twitter or FB :clap:

Good luck!!!

@ devhammer Good luck

@ justin oh… i ask me a long time who is the other one without

Good luck on your new adventure!

I am the other one.

Good luck

Good luck! Will the show with Pete continue?

@ ianlee74 - I hope it will…not seeing a lot of uptake, in terms of traffic, alas.

At this point, probably no shows before the beginning of January.

One thing I learned when I started NashMicro is that if you want people to come consistently, you have to make the meeting time & place consistent. We tried different days and times but it wasn’t until we picked a time & place and people could put a recurring appointment down did our numbers start ticking up. Maybe not quite the same for your show with recorded views but definitely applies for live viewers. Don’t give up, it’s a great idea. I’d just recommend you pick a day & time that’s the same every month and make it a recurring date on your calendar.