A Legendary Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday to the FEZ Legend, @ Architect!

Hope you have a great day! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Architect!

A happy one :wink:

You look like a FEZ monkey and you smell like one too!!!

Have a great one, old man! :wink:

Today is Architect’s birthday!!! NO WAY! Today is my birthday. How crazy is that?

Happy birthday my twin :slight_smile:

Happy birthday to Gus as well!

Happy birthday to you too, Gus!

Happy birthday guys!

@ devhammer - How did you know? Skype?

Thanks everybody! :smiley:

It is actually tomorrow.


Happy Birthday!


Not sure which social network, but it popped up on my calendar today…figures I’m a day off…but hopefully close enough!

Hope you don’t mind me letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. :smiley:

And Happy Birthday to you, too, Gus!

I don’t mind at all. :slight_smile: It was a very nice surprise. Thank you!

@ Architect - well in my part of the world it is the next day already so, happy birthday and I hope you will be Gadgeteering for many more.

Happy Birthday Architect and Gus :slight_smile: