A Future Engineer

I am just saying a quick “Happy Birthday” to my lil’ man, he turned 7 today. Plus, he likes when I talk about him at “daddy’s work” ;D


What’s his forum handle? Is he not a regular member yet???

@ ianlee74 - He is not but I bet he would get a kick out of it. Are there any Minecraft people on here? He loves talking Minecraft.

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Sounds like an excuse to start a new forum channel. My 8yr old would love to talk Minecraft with him. Hmmm… We need to put a little more thought into this idea. :wink:


My almost-9-year-old son is addicted to Minecraft as well…

It’s like Minecraft is the new lego!

Nah…at least not for my kids. They love both!

I noticed while booting up my new Raspberry Pi 2 last night , that in the latest Raspbian image, they include a minecraft port by default in the games menu. I played it for a bit (lol) - it was just as good as playing on a PC.

It sounds like we now need an “off topic – Minecraft” board! ;D

He must have gotten his mothers looks!! Bwaahaha.

He also looks like he knows how to rotate and post images.




I thank god everyday that he got his mother’s looks!

Because this thread involves my child, I will forgive this comment and anyone who +1’d it!


I also tried to explain to him that I had a place where he could talk to other people about Minecraft and share videos, etc. He simply said “Daddy, why would I do that, I have YouTube”

Kids say the best things.

I remember my oldest son, one time in the car, he would be about 5 years old at the time.

There was a driver in front who was taking ages to exit the junction in his Saab 900 so I said out loud, “come on Mr Saab, get a move on” and my son in the back seat said “how do know his name?”

I still laugh about this one.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - LOL…I realized how bad I am in the car when my daughter out of the clear blue yelled at the car in front of me “move a**hole”, needless to say my wife wasn’t happy and I am no longer allowed to ever speak my mind…lol


@ Gary LOL. Yeah, same here. Similar instance when I had to break hard because a car decided to go ahead at a roundabout even though they were indicating to turn left and I exclaimed “Christ” as I hit the brakes.

The next time I was with him and his Mum, I braked hard as I entered a roundabout and the little voice in the rear said “Christ”. Needless to say I was not the flavour of the month after that.

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PS… I think we should start an new OT for “What kids say because of their Dads”

I’m glad I am not the only one, however that same little sweet girl called me a “d!ck” one day when she was mad at me and after she got in trouble I asked her who called me that, and she very innocently replied “mommy”…lol It made me laugh and she was no longer in trouble.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - great idea, I will start it today