A funny thing happened on the way to copying a file

Yes, so, um I called File.Copy…it hung forever and when I rebooted? The entire SD card was wiped.

This is certainly a new one for me. Anyone else run into this sort of issue? I was using a 4GB Kingston SD on a Raptor.

How big was the file?

The file was tiny. A couple of KB.

No repair options here. That was the first thing I tried, laptop told me it was blank too. Not corrupted, just blank.

I wonder if that is related to the size of the card issue that was discussed some time ago. Something about wrong type used and an overflow.

That’s my thought too. I’ve since switched out for a 500mb card. Coping the same file seems to work just fine. I am noticing copying a couple of meg seems to take forever.

@ Skewworks - Never had that problem. Maybe the SD is damaged somehow. Have you tried a replacement?