A few more FEZ Cobra snapshots

I took these a minute ago to show off some of the progress I have made on my Weather Clock.

The image below is of the main screen…

…and this is of one of the two other windows: Extended Weather info


Freakin’ awesome!

very very nice!

Chris, would it be possible for you to provide me with a small demo with text and buttons?

Have gotten it to work while modifying the ghi demo, but you cannot click all buttons with the touch screen. Could you provide me with a small demo? As soon as I understand this, I can move on creating stuff too.

If you need my email address, please let me know :wink:

Hi Foekie,

Sure, again, sorry for the long response time, hopefully the new forum feature I requested will help solve this issue :wink:

This link:http://files.chrisseto.com/7KE
…is the latest dev snapshot. In the presentation folder, you will find the three windows. Two of these (settings and extendedweather) will have close buttons. It’s worth noting that they really aren’t “buttons” per say. They are really just Text objects with touchdown handlers.

In addition, there are also two touchdown handlers on the “home” screen. One is on the entire screen and leads to the settings screen, while the other is on the weather summary leading to the ExtendedWeather screen.

Parts of that source code may be messy. I’m the the process of finalizing exactly what I want.

Thanks Chris, got some free time today and I will check it out! :wink: