A few medusa questions

I am growing fonder of my Medusa Mini boards by the day. It is really useful to have such a low cost main board. It works really well and is very reliable. I have a few general questions about it, more out curiosity than anything else.

Was there any particular reason why Medusa Mini uses a 12 MHz crystal and not a 16 Mhz one? I notice that the Arduino Uno (which also uses an ATMEGA328P) uses a 16 MHZ and was just wondering why GHI opted for a slower crystal. Does it make it more reliable? And how does the Arduino know how to calculate timings and baudrates? I can’t see that we specify the crystal frequency anywhere in the scetch.

My other question is about the Kickstarter project. When will the Kickstarter rewards be posted. Is Medusa already officially launched now, or will there still be a major official release when the Kickstarter rewards starts shipping?

I got my Medusa from the kickstarter campaign soon after it closed. what rewards are you asking about?

The processor will max at 12mhz when running 3.3v

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As well as when you select FEZ Medusa as your board is where the 12MHz frequency is specified

@ Gus- So the processor is capped at 12MHz, or runs @ 16MHz with 5V but incompatibly with 3.3V devices (without level converter)?

It is powered by 3v3. With that power level it can run reliably at 12MHz.

Thanks for the answers. It all makes sense now.

This is a bit worrying… I did not get mine. Who do I contact to enquire about this?

I’d go back to the kickstarter and contact via there

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