A few glitches in ALFAT manual 2.05

page 19: "The maximum baud rate is 3 Mbits/s.SPI Interface Mode"
page 19: “A minimum of 4uS delay is required between each byte” — why not being cool and writing “μs”? :slight_smile:
page 46: “delay of 2uS required between each byte.” — same as above
page 60: “is used, the two 22ohm resisters are still needed”


Fixes first: 19, 19, 60 – done, and thank you!!! Nice editorial eyes. (“resisters” – I need a semantics+spelling checker. Hmmm, maybe I don’t with you on the case)

“being cool” (LOL), main [em]excuse[/em]:
I didn’t think of it; doing it now would be a lot of time that is better spent improving/creating more critical documentation problems.

Hah, couln’t crash ALFAT2 chip — will take my toll on the manual! 8)

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engineering gets kudos, technical writing gets a black eye

True, true…