A day at the carnival

The next 3 generations of FEZineers


Hm, maybe something is wrong with my math, but don’t I see a fab four here … or should the 4th be ignored … :whistle:

Something’s wrong with my maths too… Looks like only one generation or are we to assume that each of the child is a father/mother/son/daughter of the others? Maybe its a Detroit thing… :smiley:

You better watch out for that one with the giraffe. He looks like trouble. I’ll bet he turns in all his homework with the answers written sideways.

@ ianlee74 - I see two generations?

But, he claimed the “next 3 generations”. I wasn’t counting the “current” generation.

FEZineer generations != human generations. Tech generations pass more quickly, What I do see is an engaged dad and happy kids, so kudos for that.


It’s just sideways. If you rotate it, it reads " three of the next generation of FEZineers"

Oh, I was assuming that Gary was just getting into Gadgeteer. 8)


I sat there looking at the pic thinking that the young girl on the right was the daughter of the eldest boy on the left, who was the son of Gary.

@ mcalsyn - Thanks for the clarification. Yea it makes sense now. :wall:

@ Gary - Is that the war paint of electronics hobbyist?

oh man, my lists just keep getting longer and longer…thanks @ mcalsyn for clarifying for everyone. ;D