A/D module for industrial data aquisition

I would be much more happy if you sold an AD module, that I could use one to monitor my machines at work. What one typically wants is:
0-10 V input range (at least 12 bit)
at least 20 differential channels (40 if used in non-differential mode)
Speed of aquisition is not so important (a few Hz would be fine)

Some kind of protection from voltage spikes would be good. (so it doesn’t kill the PC that is attached via USB)

Any plans for such a module in the near future?

Hi Olli, welcome to the forums. I’m interested to hear what Fez would you intend to use that module on? It seems that your requirements are very specific, so I suspect that the market for such a module wouldn’t be very high - you’d probably be better off designing one yourself (or having someone do so for you) as you may wait a long time for someone else to do so.

We recommend the use of these http://www.bb-elec.com/product_multi_family.asp?MultiFamilyId=21 with RS232 to RS485 module.

We already offer RS232 module.

Welcome to the community.

I have a lab and need to monitor all kind of things. The equipment has vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, RPM counters, temperature controllers,… and most of these sensors or controllers do have an 10 V monitor output.
Currently I have a USB-DAQ from http://www.mccdaq.com, but they are rather expensive, and I don’t need the speed. It would be great if there was a module like the new Gadgeteer IO60P16 Module, but just for analog input. The FEZ mainboard would monitor the inputs and turn of the cooling water if there is a leak, etc…

The sensors pointed above are isolated and reasonably priced. I think they will fit your needs quite well.